Father's Day

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Father's Day is here again this year;

I would like to nominate my son Leighton,

As the best father in the world.

Kind, considerate and loving are some of his gifts,

Even a fledgling not his he has taken under wing.

And brought happiness love and security.

Both sons admire him for finding time to be there:

For sports day, christmas play, and go-getting week-ends.

In times of stress Leighton has been there and talked to his son Mike;

out of many a dilema caused by Asperger's syndrome  particularly, sensory overload.

The right lights and muted sounds and time to take stock and calm down:

won't be forgot either.

Looking after my grandsons and being a loving and caring father to them is the best 

he could be.

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To Leighton my son your effort as Father of two young boys is certainly appreciated.

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I did not know you until I read the news

flash on a fatherhood practiced with a deftness

and desire to be kind. You are one cause

for hearts being a part of the definition of love.

Time given is time as a stage upon which your sons

rove as if captured by your timeline.


Father's have a special day and it belongs

to dads each year, but for you

there is a day each twenty-four hours

full of love for being there, a presence

missed by far too many daughters

and sons. Thank you for the entireness

of years.


The human inside impacts humans

reaching for adult states and you are there

providing warmth and cheerings on

for the most special two in your life.

When you are old and can barely rise

or see far, and you will have talked

enough, in your still hazed silence

you will be greeted with gifts of hugs

and smiles, news flashes from two lives,

attended by cards and gifts from two men

who became men because of you.


Stella L. Crews








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Wonderfull poem I shall pass on your message. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment much appreciate.