This Summer we had much rain.

Not unusual in our water soaked clime.

But in Summer you'd think the Sun we'd gain.

We're entering Autumn soon, but I hope the rain stays away and it is fine.

Rain is so inconvenient, wet, cold, cloying to clothes, in the main.

And saturates footwear which is mine.

Wellingtons/Galloshes are the best to ward off the rain.

Let's get out of the rain and go and dine?

Rain makes me eat; I'm bound to gain.

What a good idea too; I'll have wine.

Some rainy days aren't so rainy after all.

Especially if you meet someone in the rain in fall.


By Anita Griffiths

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We Get Snowed In


The roads clogged

with winter

we try to unburden

the sidewalk

but the driveway

leads nowhere.


The shrubs bend,

the trees wait

for a breeze

to uncloak their

newly knit sweaters.


The fire roars inside,

the furnace temp

nudged up a bit

more. Break out

the games, we

will be here

for a day longer

at least.