on the face of shadow women

Hyacinth garden

a speck of surreptitiousness sinks


without a point of a view

it matters little

the speculation shrinks

what is old will be new

while rainbows become a riddle

stretching there sublimely

in casual delicate traces

consciousness is dispersed whispering

acting in the spaces

selections darken on the face of shadow women

colorless and abandoned they thrust down inevitably

and their charms surround in full display

in between the night and the day

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    Such lovely poetry here;



Such lovely poetry here; your word usage and rhyming - so abstract and simultaeniously so clear. This poem made images float through my mind as I found your work here so imaginative and creative. Beautifull and a very good read.




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Fascinating Respected Mr 9inety.Also loved the cursive format

Fascinating Respected Mr 9inety.Also loved the cursive format.You are a truly accomplished.I spread my wings to fly high but end up tangled in a branchy tree:(




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A Delicate Touch

Willowy and soft breeze blown lines - enjoyed 3 x - Just Bein' Stella