sweet longing

Hyacinth garden

everyone burns in the midday sun.

I know things are different.

Now, if I could only show you.

everything under the moon

each unique piece is an amethyst's endeavor.

I say, “Perhaps, it is part of an exciting adventure!”

I heard the difference.

It's like the flavor in tears.

then came the exciting part, thieves dominated the shadow man's daughter.

they robbed her rubber corset the one that the girl wears inside out.

they came through every door, flipped the bird to the adventurer.

in a pace, that melts players, and then they are gone.

Are the jokers laughing from the stage of their distraught show?

I am not resentful, though, life being so full of various disorder.

it's too late I know you left today.

sweet longing collapsed on some nameless November morning with few observers.

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This is an exceptionally

This is an exceptionally written piece