“A Gaelic Warrior’s Song”

Hyacinth garden

I dreamt of life sweet in the bright green spring.

Where the hearth is warm as the Gaelic bard sing.

Gentle rain, the planting is near, turn the skies blue and clear.

Birth in the flocks the calls of new born lambs sing to my ear.

Good all around the clan will be three more.

Then the peace is broke by the cries of war.

I witnessed the sight in the firelights.

The last moments that horror ignites.

Whistling flaming arrows rain down onto the open gantries of the wall.

Kin fall beneath the advance of conquering Warlords plundering all.

Intruders destroy as they break down the door.

No escape from this exiled plight no time to restore.

Casts out we have no place amongst our own land.

Fight to the last man the defenders soon disband.

To the bogs vanquished spirited bravery forlorn.

Take the fight to the finish kindles freedoms reborn.

League to marshal them aching to attack.

These far-away dreams in time I go back.

Regroup the clan to a man live free or die.

Courage from the chieftain in other times reply.

In the last moments of sleep, a wounded voice referred.

I heard the roar that an ancient inspiration stirred.

Awaken; Awaken the battle rages still long.

Unwavering, relentlessly onward the Gaelic warrior’s song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The green isles still hold their mystery, and ancient spirits haunt the dreams of those who are open to the old ways.
from the dreams of "Slasher O'Reilly"

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    I love the detail in this



I love the detail in this poetry it held my interest throughout, a great tale for around the camp fire. Long live freedom for all. A good read and so well written.




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I am so drawn to Ireland, I've been trying to learn a little gaelic but I need to hear the words pronounced. I've translated(I'm sure quite horribly)a few Gaelic songs and poems...enough to where I can pretty much grasp the concept of the piece...this is beautiful what you wrote here..and in English.hehe..wow you have impressed me the most..uh..I saw that you read Moon Bird..and after reading this I feeling like I'm writing kindergarten poetry...although I have been only writing poetry for only three months..I'm not sure how long that is in poetry months...but fabulous poem here...I can tell I'm going to be here a while reading your work...oh yeah..thanks for your kind and encouraging words you left for me..that was a nice thing to wake up to~~Polly

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Beautiful piece, reminds me of an old celtic story...
I love listening to their music...
Peace and Love..

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just so beautiful