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What to do when you don't clearly see what is infront of you,

the world as you knew it begings to show it's true colors,

grey, blue, black,....

no more reds, yellow or purple!

The world that you grew up in begings to fade,

destroying your childhood dreams you once held so tight too

the ones that made you smile with friends,

the silly ones you belived would come true

ya you know!

that one wedding day with your prince charming.

Tell me, how do you hold on to the earth you created

the one time you sat in your room

the one day you imagined a perfect world

in this inperfect one.

you know the hero from your comid books

coming to save you from homework.

the hero who brings you life with a smile and a joke

the one who allows you to be you with out hesitations.

How in the wolrd do you move from this hell whole life created!?

It's inpossible you say?

Naw! I lived it, im still here!

Ya it's life but you gatta kep moving those dreams, those heros can be created anny time any place..

Just keep going!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it was one of those where i just had the words upon me wanting to spill out.. nothing major really.

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