Tick Tick Tick

The days that tick so happily

So nervously and snappily 

They tick and tick ticktastickly

Just ticking down the road


I have to wonder actually...

While days tick by jerasticly  

If tick they towards catastrophe 

Or tick towards pleasent node


By now the ticks are thickening

The speed of such quite sickening 

I try to stop the quickening 

Of ending still unknown



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    Yes the older one gets



Yes the older one gets the faster the days tick by; I do hope it is towards a happy ending, don't you. Time flies when you are having fun. Like your creation on this day, and while counting and noting the days, this poem of yours makes a person wonder and ponder the future. Nice write and good read.





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Awwwe thanks so much! Your

Awwwe thanks so much! Your such a great reader. :) I'm glad you enjoyed enough to comment

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Ticktastic Poem

I read it three times. Gotta go. This one requires closer study and more smies and deeper contemplation - there is soooooo much here to feel/see/know/anticipate and to fill in the blanks tick tick. This is a lasting one, assuredly - Just Bein' Stella



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i really respect your intelligent comments and critical thinking. Your so awesome.