You screaming at me doesn't cripple me anymore.

I walk right past you as if you're not even there.

My passion of hate I have for you runs so deep in hell.

There's no making love in this room, only detested rape.

No apologies are accepted here.

Staring at you from across the room,

murdering you with my dark eyes.

You're living in fear, but you should live in dishonor.

I'll rip out my memory cells to not remember you.

There's nothing worse than feeling your touch

than being killed.

Don't touch me, betrayal is contagious.

You're a heroine by your own treachery.

Pictures that are burned are burned along

with my hate.

Items that you hold dear are my biggest upset.

Burning every inch of your chest with my cigarette bud.

Plucking off every hair on your head.

I have no more passion for love,

only the very passion of the hate I have for you.

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