Run to You

Band Lyrics



Verse 1:

Right now, I want to

Run to you.

Press your lips against mine's

While holding you

In a powerful embrace.

So, won't you run to me?



Everything has changed.

I want to run to you.

If only you'd feel the same.

I want to run to you

If you know that

We are better together.


Verse 2:

I could not say that

We were better apart.

Right now, I want to

Run to you

And hold you in my arms.

Won't you take me home?



I am always here, waiting.

Even now, I am waiting...

Like a fool that 

Wants to run to you.

Won't you think of me

As I run to you?

Right now, is the right time.

I will run to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopeless romantic...

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