Verse 1:

Sing for me:

Your feelings, thoughts, emotions

I could be with you

If only you'd just let go of the past

Focus on the present and future

just sing for me



Sink into me tonight

I'll breathe you in

So, sing for me

Sing your heart out

'cause 'll be your's to keep


Verse 2:

Christmas with you

is where I want to be

So, sing for me

a melody to the song

that you just wrote

'cause i'm eternally

your's to keep



With you, it feels right

I can do anything, be anything

'Cause tonight, the lights have fallen

and stars are out tonight

stuck in a daze

until you sing for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spent a week writing each verse. So, this song took me 3-4 weeks to write. The longest that it's taken for any song. I wrote it in parts.

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