Verse 1:
I know that

This may be crude or rude

But I'm scared of mixing up

The truth with you.


To be with each other,

Run home so that I,

I can see what I left behind

I know what I turned down those times


Verse 2:
But you said: "Run away

To find each other

Never look back

Never look at the past


Then you said:
"In a while,

Will be our fulfilment,

Fulfilment of our prayers"


If I knew then what I'd know now,

I'd have found my way back to you.

But, since then, I haven't loked back.

Since I've found you,

Everything has changed.

Now, I believe in something

Once more again.


Verse 3:
Love found me here

Until you take me on,

Babe, I'lll take a bullet for you.

But since you found me,

Everything has changed.

I believe in love

Once more again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I wrote back in 2014. I wrote 50+ songs in 2014 that I haven't posted half of these yet. The meaning is self-expalanatory, I believe.

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