You are a Lover of Words

All and nothing


In all you say, eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,

Hales a darkened force of guile,

That inner moves me most intently,



Long tall words spoken gently,

Spell bound by your easy style,

In all you say eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,



Feeling love transcendently,

No potion from a witch’s vial,

Longed for moments arise a while,

Though sorrow follows subsequently, 

In all you say, eloquently.

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All These Words

All and nothing


Words written in their own time

Disjointed look

In arrested rhyme,

Words written in terms of jest

Zing a-long

Full of zest,

While words written just for you

Stall then fall

Without a clue,

Wonderful words of eloquence

Evade to bind

Us in subtle hints,

Wanton words have work to do

To forge that line

From me to you.

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There is this funny thing about alphabets...
from the letters they contain
can be created
words of love and happiness...
words of hatefulness and pain.

Words of anger
words of spite
words that can...the soul...destroy.

Words of wonder
words of beauty
words that fill the heart...with joy.

Which means:
it’s up to those of us who speak and write them
to choose word with kindness...
not abuse them...
not only in our choice of words...
but how we choose to use them.


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