Everybody has a point of view to express…that’s one of the joys of being free.

But what happens in a country when two sides completely disagree?


We end up fighting a war of words with both sides jockeying for position.

We end up far from a united country but a country in transition.


One side thinks our president is wonderful…they are his loyal devotees.

The other side…well let’s just say the other side…wholeheartedly disagrees.


One side would like to see some gun control…any measure however small.

The other side says if you take one of our guns then you might take them all.


One side says we need to do away with abortions…in all life we must rejoice.

The other side says this a heart-wrenching decision and should be the woman’s choice.


One side thinks their God is the only God…no matter where on Earth you wander.

The other side thinks that in this world there are many Gods to ponder.


One side holds up the teachings of their God as a reason to discriminate.

The other side thinks all people are equal in a world any God would create.


One side says there is no global warming and scientific arguments they doubt.

The other side says we need to listen to the scientists…that our time is running out.


One side says the Earth is just another resource…we are only like bees taking honey from the hive

The other side says we can’t mistreat the Earth…she is the reason we’re alive!


One side says we have an immigrant problem…it frustrates…it enrages

They say we need to be tougher…they have no problem putting people in cages.


The other side agrees we have a problem…but says our principles have gone astray

We need to find a better solution…we cannot treat people this way.


When we have two sides so diametrically opposed…then no solution can arise

when they cannot find a middle ground…they can see no compromise…


We end up with each side thinking they are right…while the other side disagrees.

One side believes they are fighting a civil war…the other…a war for civility.


We all know where we stand on these issues…on which side we belong…

I guess history will ultimately show us…

who is right…

and who is wrong.


One thing I might remind each side…whatever your point of view…


Our children are not only watching but learning from what we do

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