“What is love?” the daughter asked as they walked together hand in hand

The mother had to think a moment..

This question coming sooner than she planned.


How do you explain love to a young child she thought 

as her daughter anxiously awaited…

How do you explain something so simple 

that can be so complicated?


Suddenly a gentle mist fell from the sky and her anxieties disappeared

for as they continued walking in the rain the answer became clear.


“Love comes in many shapes and sizes.” she said

“It’s not easy to explain…

It’s like you’re always walking in the sunshine

even when it rains”


As the rain continued it’s gentle decent

She held her daughter’s hand a little tighter…

“No matter what is happening in your life,” she said,

“Love makes it all a little brighter.”


“Once a person you love is in your life.

It’s knowing everything about them.

It’s wondering what your life was like before


and how you'd live without them.”

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Another beautiful day had ended…another fairy tale read

when my daughter asked, “Mommy…what is love?”

as I tucked her into bed.


And so I did what parents do when their not sure what to say…

I took a deep breath…and jumped right in…hoping to find my way…


I leaned in close to her and quickly scanned by brain…

Love…I said holding her hand, is not so easy to explain.


Love is everywhere…it glides on the wind…it floats on the sea

It’s in every creature great or small…it’s in you…and it’s in me…


Love begins somewhere within our soul…it is the music of our heart

It can be felt between two people…when together…or apart.


Love when you are young…is different than the love when you are grown

Love is caring about someone else’s happiness more than about your own.


Love is beautiful, compassionate, forgiving, wonderful and kind

Love can only blossom when two lives are intertwined…


Love is just as wonderful when it’s old…as it was when it was new.

I believe, when it comes to love…it’s what we’re born to do..


When I thought I’d said enough…when my rambling was through…

I smiled at my daughter and asked…by the way…what is love to you?


Her face lit up and without hesitation…with a child’s innocence she proclaimed…

“I think love is what makes me smile every time say your name.”


What is love? was the question she asked at the end of a beautiful day…

And the next time someone asks me…

I know just what I’m going to say.




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