weak people

Drama Quench

Drama queens
go drown your self in your cubic zirconia tears
Wipe the masquascarred eyes

blood shot with envy
Pick up the pieces of your troubled childlike mind
And get yourself a life that's not in drama defined
By cloaking and soaking in fickle dramas devised
Twist your own mutilated manipulative wasteland heart
Till it bleeds remorse from your desperate soul's art
No, not the ones on your Jimmy Choos you stupid wretched slight
Wraithlike guant let thin woven in and out the troubled highlight
Scheme you little wretch scheme your lonely coniving smite
What ever is smitten is never bitten but you can't help but bite
Go drown yourself you stupid, lonely, angry bitch wake up and see the truth
You think your shit don't stink and you call the shots
Blurbing your crap like its something hot, don't come to me bitch I'm not lost.
Go find yourself and do something real I'm quenched of your shit.
Go drama queen, drown in your plastic fears,
How many times can you return after being told to fuck off.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know the kind I'm not kind of fond of or kind to.

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