Tolalitarian Campaign Liberty Political

Stand by Me


Do not be afraid,

or intimidated 


I stand with you,

all those who have been wronged


Say what you want to say,

and exercise your right as an individual


You may think its not worth the trouble,

but you just have to ignore it and go about your business


The more you continue to cower to their status quo

is the more you continue to accept your place as a slave


Power comes with unity,

you are not alone,

I am with you


Say what you want to say

Do what you want 

and be Free of their tyranny


On your college campuses do not be bullied

by those who discriminate against you as an individual


Do not allow these facists to control you,

those who disguise themselves as "tolerant"


They are only "tolerant" of the things that they agree with,

and those who they disagree with they slander and defame


They are the speech police

and they are only here to make the world a worse a place than it already it is








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