They fell in love many years ago…

Their first kiss…was in the first snowfall one November.

Exactly how many years they’ve been together…

neither can remember.


As you grow older you tend to forget things…

What month is this? What day?

But there came a time he began to notice

her memory slipping away.


It wasn’t fair. It never is.

For she would notice too.

“There are some days.”…she said as tears were falling,

“I don’t remember you.”


As more and more memories slipped away

There were days she lost her glow…

I will never let you forget me”, he said hugging her.

“I will never let you go.”


It wasn’t easy. It never is

He remained her chaperone…

As she fell more and more into loneliness

He would not let her feel alone.


Yet there were moments when her memory returned…

When, for a moment, her mind unlocked a door…

Moments when she remembered him…

These were the moments he waited for…. 


And each night he’d smile, kiss her lips and say

“Just like our first kiss…do you remember?”

And occasionally she would smile and say…


I love the first snowfall in November.

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