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She's a nonviolent

aircraft carrier

For her babies

a protecting barrier

Making life for


a little merrier

-saiom shriver-




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Yehudit walked with me
in the woods
and sunlight pushed
through the branches


of trees overhead
birds sang
a rabbit rushed off
through the thick


she wore
the dark green skirt
and white blouse


school had ended
for the holiday
wonder if our swan
is there


she said
reminds me
of the Wagner opera
I liked the way


the sunlight
lit up her hair
as she walked
tints of dark brown


and light brown
a hair grip
held in place
unruly bits


she said
that's it
that's the opera


she had undone
the green school tie
the collar loose
the tie untidily


pulled away
neck showed
last time
we saw it


at the lake
(the name
she called
the pond)


we sat and kissed
and you put
your hand
up my skirt


she said
where the blouse
was stretched
her breasts


pushed out
seeking escape
and there was that bloke
fishing over the way


and we didn't care
a toss
she said
I liked how


her soft
plump hand
held mine
her fingers


gripped mine
preventing their escape
had they wanted to
(which they didn't)


yes I remember that
I said
(we only noticed him
just before we kissed


tucked amongst trees)
is it unusual
for swans
to come to our lake?


she asked
I shouldn't think so
I said
(I hadn't thought


about it at all)
as we walked
I glanced at her profile
the nose


the flushed cheeks
the eyes blue
clear blue
as if


in white dishes
her hair brushed
in her usual
careless way


I hope he's not
there today
she said
it's not the same


in front of others
I doubt he is
I said


yes I had heard
the highlights
of the opera


on the radio
a few times
the swan bit
she had said about


as we came
to the pond
(my word not hers)
we  saw no one


was there
except ducks
and moor hens
and fish swimming


just under
the surface
we sat
on the warm


grassy bank
and she sat
with her chin
on her knees


her hands holding
her legs
she said


a crow sounded nearby
a woodpecker tapped
away at some tree
I could see


the impression
of her bar strap
through the white
cotton blouse


at the back
how do they manage
to undo them?
I thought


my hands each side
of my legs
balancing me
I love it here


she said
I like it anywhere
I said
she turned


and playfully
hit my arm
I meant the place
not that


she said smiling
still no swan
I said
she looked


at the water's skin
a Mallard swam by
do you think of sex
all the time?


she said
pretty much
I said
I thought so


she  replied
there was that heron
landed that time
I said


yes there was
she said
the sun was warm
white clouds


no swan
and us
making love
in my head.

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