Himalayan Alter (Life is a Circle)

I saw through your dharma

Into your true nature

The goddess in you

Remember Karma my dear

Our actions boomerang

All life is truly a circle

I can feel it in your shakti

The energy you radiate

You and I could reach

Such a high potential

We could transcend

Through enlightened

Reason and thought

As we walk the temples

Of India, Sri Lanka and Peru

Tasting the luscious elixir

The Soma nectar wine

Of drunken Hindu gods

I would travel everyday

To humbly pick you herbs

From the frozen cliffs

Of the gray Himalayas

At the blessed altar

I brushed away the snow

Worshipping goddesses

Just like you

And your image

So long ago

When lifetimes

Were like beautiful

Paintings of gardens

Hanging from the walls

Of dusty old museums

Where we worshiped gods

Only to become gods

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