Songs about sex

Songs About Sex

When I was younger,
I never realised
that there were only
a few songs on the radio,
that weren't about sex,
in one way or another!

Lots of songs
are about sex,
and now that I'm older,
it's alot easier to see!

Most songs are
about sex,
and it's kind of weird.

When I was younger,
and more niave,
I never would have
thought that people
would make songs just
about sex!

It's kind of strange,
and makes me feel weird!
Like I'm listening to
something really private!

Like I'm intruding on
a private tapeing of
someone's sex!

Songs about sex,
can be interesting,
can be funny,
but can also be
really quite freaky!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought I had when I was listening to this song, and it turned out to be about sex.

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