I’m not sure what you were at first…

you never went away.

you made all kind of noises

and you laid around all day…


Mom and Dad seemed to like you

and when you smiled…that was fun

but with you in the house I had to share

I was no longer number one.


Then you started following me 

and soon enough I found

I didn’t mind sharing them with you

in fact I liked having you around.


We have a unique opportunity  

you, little brother, and me…

we get to practice on each other

the people we will be.


You will come to me when you need help

and right off the bat I want it known…

although I won’t solve all your problems

you won’t have to face them alone.


I wasn’t so sure about you at first

but now my feelings are quite strong…

I kind of like when you follow me…

I’m glad you came along


And I will do my best to encourage 

to love and to comfort you

for I am your big sister


and that’s what big sisters do

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What was it about her that made her smile?

What was the reason she couldn’t resist her?

Was it how old she was…how tall…how wise?

Or just the fact she was her big sister?


What made her follow her around

trying to learn from every move she made?

What made her fly to her when she was happy?

and run to her when afraid?


They were years apart, didn’t share their clothes

never shared their toys…

but she listened when she needed her…

she shared in her sorrow and joys.


She looked up to her when she was little

but she found as time went by,

she didn’t need to look up any more…

for they were seeing eye to eye…


And somewhere along the way

she’s not sure when but she contends…

they became much more than sisters

when they became each other’s friend.


And when she died…too early…

although her heart was eternally broken

she came to understand they had

a connection that couldn’t be broken…


Because she still feels the love they shared

in quiet moments her heart will stir…

As she remembers the influence…the impact


her big sister had on her.

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