Deep With-in !

deep with in 2011


i was crying so deep in tears

no one could see my pain or fears

burying my burdens was better than talking

so depressed was i from deep with in

deep with in deep with in

no way out no need to shout

deep with in deep with in

my burdens were mine no one would find

sinking fast from the weight of sorrow

i couldnt continue to put on or borrow

taking those pills i thought i was clear

but lost sight of those whom i find dear

under i was no need to bost

till i was reminded what mattered most

the love of my children came shining in

sank down inside deep with in!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This particular Poem was my very first one, I wrote it while i was in the Psych ward at St. Mary's hospital, i went there after i tried to kill myself and it means a lot to me because it is exsactialy how i felt right up till i desided to end it all i didnt think there was no way out, but i know now there is always a way out one just has to want it badly enough, this Poem i dedicate to all who are in a volitile relationship and dont think there is any way out, there is always a way out, i got out of a 24 year very abusive Marriage and if i can get out after all those years then so can you!  And never forget to always Stay Strong!!!!!!

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