We’re almost halfway through the worst year of our lives 

It’s been tragic, sorrowful…confining..

but what if, in this myriad of catastrophes…there is a silver lining.


How can there be a silver lining you ask when our country stands divided,

when each side is convinced the other side is the side who is misguided?


What if as we watch our world come tumbling down…

as life as we know it seems to shatter…

What if this is the year when we decide black lives truly matter?


What if this is the year we finally bid oppression and prejudice adieu

and understand everyone is equal


every me and every you?  


What if this is the year across all people we see humanity increasing?

What if this is the year we begin to uncover a new way of policing?


What if this is the year we realize how all lives and our planet interweave

and accept that everyone has the right to choose in whatever God they may believe?


What if this is the year we realize the importance of our family and friends

and how we’re not meant to be divided…we are put on Earth to blend.


What if this is the year we start being human…to every human being?

What if churches, synagogues and mosques are the only places we are kneeing?


What if after watching all these tragedies that have unfurled

we decide to get together…and build a better world?


An improved world…a world where we fix everything we’ve done wrong.

A world that’s wholly based on love…where everyone belongs…


A world where we finally begin to comprehend…to see…to understand…

our ultimate survival depends on how gently we treat our land.


What if this new world we build beguiles, enchants…enthralls?

Then what began as the worst year we could ever imagine

could end up as the best year of them all

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