Is there anything more beautiful

than a smile

that rises out of tears…

or more gratifying

than courage

that emerges out of fear?


The moment we find the courage

that beautiful moment when we dared

to act in the face of danger

even though we may be scared.


And the truest form of courage

of beauty ever made

is facing our fear when we’re the only one


who knows we are afraid?

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He was born with eyes of blue and you can imagine his surprise

When he was told he had to change their color…or he’d be ostracized.


But I can’t change the color of my eyes!” he said…they’ve been with me since I was born.

“You can if you pray hard enough!” they told him…and he began to mourn.


“He loved different flavors of ice cream mixed together.”

Only to be told he must keep them separated…

“But they taste so much better when they’re all blended” he argued…

and immediately…he was berated.


“Different flavors are not meant to be mixed together.” they said.

and because they had no reason why…

The little boy put his face in his hands…and he began to cry.


He loved listening to his music…he’d dance…he’d sing…he’d soar

Until they told him he had to turn it off…he couldn’t listen to his music anymore.


They told him the kind of music he must listen to…

The melodies he must keep…

The little boy listened to their musical alternative…then he began to weep.


He fell in love with a person who also had blue eyes…and you can imagine their dread

and the hurt inside their hearts…when they were told they could never wed?


“But we love each other!” they implored.  “We want to be married…to say ‘I do’

"Oh that’s impossible.” They were told. 

“You cannot love another person with the same blue eyes as you.”


But they looked into each other’s eyes…they smiled…and changed their fate that day.

when they decided not to listen to those voices…and were married anyway…


And their children grew up in a house filled with encouragement…

filled with laughter …and love…but not fear!

And they listened to whatever music they liked…

A cornucopia for the ears.


And their children had the most beautiful eyes of blue…

which they were proud of but never flaunted…

They loved whom they loved with all of their heart…

and ate ice cream any way that they wanted…


And they will instill in their children these same values 

which they know will help them go far…

To be happy, content and possessed with the confidence…

and the courage to be who they are…


For the secret to happiness is freedom…

and if we want to live in a land…truly free

Then we must encourage the courage in our children…


to be…who they were meant to be.

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His Innocence




My heart

Held by a viscrp 

The tears that ran down his face

Cut against the vein


His years

So pure and whole

Never to stay; adolescence 

For the Reaper loves his pain


This life

Stinging sorrow

The value of a silverlining cloud 

Learn to love the rain