First Cry


One baby is born 

Wailing at the top 

Of his lungs.


Another whimpers,

And coos, as if to smile

Their way here.


Self-expression thrashing,

Or gently frolicking it's way

To life, along with our very breath.


There are the first

Inklings of vocalization,

A cry into the shadows.


Within weeks,

Light arrives for some,

And figures can be seen.


Caregivers of the baby

'Read' and interpret what they think are

The baby's needs, heart, desires.


Like poetry, 

Sometimes the reading

Is misinterpreted.


Sometimes the reader 

Places extra lines, words, phrases

From their own unfullfilled needs, heart, desires.


And sometimes the reader

And the writer can be falsely led

To think they understand each other.


Sometimes the reader

And the writer are falsely led

To think they misunderstand each other.


Sometimes, on rare occasion,

The reader reads because they have an inner love

For the beauty of self expression.


Like the newborn baby

That wails,

Or whimpers...or coos.


It is not the wailing or the whimpering, 

Or even the cooing, but the beauty

Of human expression that touches them.


And sometimes, upon occasion,

The writer writes for the sole purpose

Of self expression.


And people read into it,

And see what it is

They need to see.


We are all wailing,

Whimpering babies,

Pretending to be adults, it seems.


How will you express yourself today?

How will you be understood?

Will you be understood?


Chances are,

You will not be understood,

Or at least, not completely.


Humanity, being 

Connected through the heart,

But lost in words.



The longest lie that has 

Ever been told.


So poets, write your poems,

Cry your wailing sagas

Of horror and grief.


Coo your flowery words 

Of love and forevermore,

Undying beauty that stirs your passion.


Remember yesterday,

Dream about tomorrow,

Cry and coo to the shadows in the dark.


Thrash and dance your way

Back to the heart, and express all you have

Been wanting to express.









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