Could She Be?!

I think of her constantly, her smile,
long black hair, her brown smooth
complexion, her lips I want to
taste...her body explore, rehearse
poetry upon her breast, nipples to
Could she be the one; the unspoken
words of my heart, the memories
to become-
She is my friend now; I want her
so bad, to make her my lady, and
hoping for more...the mother of
my child.
If she is reading this, I hope she
Could she be the one I come home
too, call my own, give her my all,
make love and poetry in bed until
the break of a new day-
Maybe she does not see me the
same way, and I am fooling myself,
but only time will tell...
She is gorgeous, independent, a
true woman in every form, a
beautiful mother to a son; it is
obvious I like understand
me, support my gift; the risk of
losing your friendship prevent me
from making a move...
So instead I wrote this poem,
non-subliminally saying, "I want
to love you!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If she only knew...yet, I think she knows!!

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