Creating Space

After a late dinner I took a walk down to the dock by the lake,
Lying down on the dock, outstreched, I could feel the coarse wood on my legs,
A warm breeze wisps by, grazing it's breath upon the nape of my neck
As I hang my body down off the dock to reach the the water,
The smell of fresh cut grass permeates the air, and the lake is black as coal,
It is smoothe and shiny in the moolit sky, so calm and quiet,
I gently touch the water to form a ripple
That continues outward into the lake for yards and yards
Until my eyes can no longer see it as it melds with the stillness,
Consumed by the tranquility of the water,
And the resounding effect of my own vibration returns to me,
Refreshed and renewed, expanding my awareness
Into my own well within,
While I lift myself up into a sitting position,
And enjoy the subtle romance of the night.
I walk home, with nothing but the sound of my tennis shoes
As they pace me onward down the dirt path,
The distant streetlights forming tall shadows that shrink as I walk by each lamp post,
As I pass the lilac bushes, now in bloom,
The smell is so fragrant and it contributes to my placid mood,
So I pluck one of the flowers to place under my pillow.

I am asleep within minutes and awaken to the songbirds outside.

I like this.


8:26 AM 5/4/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

creating space.

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