Growing up I had this dream…to be a millionaire…

live in a beautiful house, drive a fancy car and have money everywhere.


I’d skate through a life of happiness…seldom wear a frown.

There’d be no reason to be sad…for I’d be the richest man in town.


Then I became a teacher (Wait! What!) and a different life would then unfold

For on a teacher’s salary, now with a family…I put that initial dream on hold.


There were mouths to feed and bills to pay…facts I couldn’t deny

Now I dreamt for a healthy, happy family with enough money to get by.


And when that simpler dream was realized I became a different kind of millionaire…

with a beautiful wife, and a wonderful family…I had love everywhere.


And I have skated through a happy life…I seldom wear a frown

You see there is no reason to be sad…when you’re the richest man in town.


Yes, growing up I had this dream…as many young ones do

but I never thought I’d be this happy…when a different dream came true.


It happened somewhere along the way…

when that initial dream I was obsessed with…

I was able to give up quite willingly…

for the life I have been blessed with.


Now I dream my family’s dreams will one day all come true…

The ones they made when they were young…

and the ones they never knew.




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