# rich

opulent beings

There lies an uncanny sense in my soul for those who are wealthy or rich,

wealth the cure for all that is man made,

the tool we use inplace of goods to trade,

but yet the uncertainty of happiness derived from currency is apparent,

a majesty so wealthy, so pure blood offended by the touch of a "lesser" is aberrant,

this mind state is the face of evil and greed,

Your soul is so much more deeper and requires more then money to feed,

To go to the next after death we must let go of our worldy possesions, 

make our spiritual connections,

going to the beyond and beyond we go,

enlightenment is the key to the portal,

embrace your self for you are mortal,

this world is a blanket over what you should truely be percieving, 

proud to say that I'm truely an Opulent being. 




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