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I'm an Abnormal human,
I have disconnected from the Norm,
Reconnected to the spiritual mind,
i open up to you,
with my utmost personal feeling,
to express my gratitude wouldn't be fulfilling,
from me to you,
Hi i'm Ryan and I'm here to disembowel my inner workings and actually share something creative and to be 100% positive in my writing and attitude. I also going to make it a point to stray away from writing poems that bring sense of negativity and depression. For me writing and writing poems is a way to bring out my happiness and spiritual voice. please share and comment i will also be reading your poems!

About My Navel

To engage,
not to engage,
my belly button,
"engaged" ,
thats not what i expected,
a knot turning in my belly,
a pain only felt when one engages,
the belly button,
the scar of life from which we have been connected to,
downloaded growth and life,
disconnected alas!
my belly button.


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