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Of the writer C J Box:


1 product placement
booze mongering for a rightwing owner
of a Western brewery,
2 lying about 911
by blaming it on other than the Mossad and
rogues within
the US Government (hundreds of novelists
and writers have lied in order to be published)
3. warmongering defense of the imperial
invasive illegal wars of the last 30 years
4. promoting the animal agony, human diseaase,
environmental destruction and energy waste
of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana ranches,
5. unnecessary descriptions of brutal torture
6. praising falconry, a brutal blood sport
7. glamorizing demonic revenge
8. giving retired killer cops from Los Angeles
the famous last names of animal rights and organic activists
Ingrid Newkirk, Peter Singer, Robert Rodale

C J Box is a poetic writer who grabs people
from the first chapter and never lets go.


- s shriver-


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