Bishops Narrow The Term Prolife



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He called himself prolife.

He supported fetal rights

but not the right to life of

prisoners on death row

nor bombed pregnant Muslim

women nor hunted animals.

He said only God can judge,

yet was he not prejudging




Because of a bill signed into

law by prolife executioner

John Kasich in Ohio,

if a rape victim goes to a

counselor who includes

terminating the pregnancy

as an option, the counselor

can lose state funding.

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from whence assassins

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Where do those running murder squads, assassination
teams, black ops for the imperial government's
capital protecting wars recruit their operatives:
1. violent prisoners including serial killers
2. ex military with a violent history
3. security firm operatives
4. orphanages
5. psychiatric wards' violent patients
6. hunters from trophy killers and falconers to those seeking meat


-s shriver-

Legal Rape





families gather in a place of condemnation,

weary, excited, downtrodden, in a 'fair and equal' nation,

look foward to a day, when they see the face of a loved one,

behind a plexiglass window framed in steel, with the aura of being 'under a gun',

little ones elated, of the day they see daddy's face,

it matters not to them, they must be in this place,

just a look, a glimpse, of so much time lost,

and mothers, sisters and brothers, all pay the cost,

arrive at the gate, the car is searched,

and in the distance, the attack dogs, hungrily perched,

the car is dismantled, and questions of interrogation,

what are these pennies for? (i didn't know i needed a reason).

reaching the entryway, a small piece of material is given,

we ask, 'what is this for'? (no answer--excuse me for livin'),

one woman steps up to be searched for the visit,

"rub that piece of material across you breasts, ma'am", (what? this seems illicit!),

she complies, without complaint, because the kids want to see dad,

and now, she too, has been made to feel she is bad,

the other officers gawk, they seem to be enjoying this,

some even appear they'd love to give her a kiss,

little ones stare, they don't know of mama's shame,

mama says to them "oh honey, the nice man's just playing a game",

he takes the material, and places in a machine,

the drug test comes up negative, his face gets mean,

he tells her, "no, wait, miss!!! you can't go!" (it's like a threat),

"you must now rub it between your legs, we're not done with you yet!",

the woman looks at me, her face is beet red,

we all feel helpless, in shock, we can't believe what he said,

she takes the piece of material, and rubs it between her thighs,

he says "no not like that! higher!" (and this poor lady begins to cry),

he doesn't apologize, or have any sensitivity that what he's doing is rape,

his fears have swallowed him completely, 

our mouths are agape,

we all go through this process, feeling so violated, and psychologically torn,

then we force the smiles on our faces, we can't complain or mourn,

and this is just one ingenious scheme, an obstacle, one tactic,

that divides families who have someone in prison--(yes, you're right, it's sick),

had i not seen it with my own eyes, how these innocent people were made to sob,

why on earth do they have these obstacles and these people in these jobs?

so the one time these people get to see their loved one in a year,

they go through the entire visit, feeling bad, ashamed, and in fear.


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Desperation's Door

I’m the bold brazen one with that cunning young eye,

And I walk with a strut as I shuffle on by,

I was cursed on at birth by the woman I knew as "my mother",

They say she belonged in a zoo.

At the ripe age of 4 there were things to explore,

But with burns on my hands I just heeled at commands.

When I finally turned 8, and thought, "It’s not too late,

I may still win this fight"….but then down came the night.

And by 14 years old, I did what I was told,

Lived a full life of crime that led to my hard time.

Running game on this yard isn’t really so hard,

I get three meals a day, no one gets in my way,

And I don’t have to pay for a friend like I did to get

My Dad’s attention when I was a kid.

Now I know that my life may seem lonely to some,

But if I was out there you’d see me as a bum.

You’d belittle and glare at my "pitiful" ways,

‘Cause you think you’re above falling into this maze.

But if only you knew of how you look to me,

Yes, if only you knew what these "pitied" eyes see,

They see hardly a face, with an aura of shame,

They see bitterness, anger, resentment and blame.

They see hands of a thief, with the heart of a snake,

And that thing you call "love", so damn phony and fake.

‘Cause love isn’t my clothes or your senseless false pride,

No, it’s far more than that, it comes deep from inside.

It’s the reason why when you see me that you hide.

Your love’s buried in fear, and the light can’t shine through,

It gets stifled and smothered and taken from you.

But if one little step brought us closer to see,

How I’m so much like you, and you’re so much like me,

Then I’d sure make a deal to meet you at half’s way,

If you think maybe we could forget for one day,

About all of the things that keep us far apart,

And perhaps we could actually make a new start.

I could learn how to live, you could learn how to love,

And the chains would break free, we’d fly high like a dove,

And I know we’d give thanks to that Power above,

And rejoice in the ways human kindness can be,

When acknowledged in everyone’s eye that we see…

….then my eyes open WIDE, as my cell door they close….


….guess it all was a dream…there’s no hope…I ‘spose.

Copyright © 2002 Liz Peterson-Braveheart

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