Where am I going?
Will it be far?
Maybe to the sea,
Or maybe a star?
Gone for forever,
Or gone for a day?
I won't know 'till I start on my way.

The road will be long,
And the path will be steep.
I'll try to go fast,
Without cutting my feet.
I'll climb up so high,
Take a taste of the sky,
I might try to fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine plays the guitar and he wanted me to write a song for him so I did two verses The last three lines really annoy me for some reason though 

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Doors (Pathways and Entrances of Life)

A person wants to find new Entrances.
Find new Pathways,
Wants to open Doors.
The problem is they don't know how to open them.
They don't know where to find them.
But… they must realize they have to keep looking.
That they will find those Pathways, those Doors.
And they must realize that those Doors
Are closer to them than they think…
The problem is,
They don't,
Know how,
To open them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the sequel to the poem that I posted, called "Doors". This is much different than "Doors". I personally, like this one much better than the first poem, "Doors". Because it has a more Descriptive, Metaphorical, and Visual perspective. That's why I love it and think it's better than the first.

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