We watched our hometown Christmas parade the other day…under a clear cerulean sky…there in the comfort of our golf cart…we watched friends and family marching by.


There is a simple sweetness to a hometown parade that can never be outdone…it’s neighbors and families coming together…simply put…it’s fun!


We then joined a parade of people in town that evening for a Christmas the way it was celebrated long ago…there was Mrs. Claus and Santa, carriage rides, music, food…we even had fake snow.


Hey, it’s Florida and with the temperatures at 70° those were flakes of soap floating in the air…but by the smiles on the faces of the children…and the adults…no one seemed to care.


As we headed home that evening with the crescent moon above us glowing bright…we were treated to a parade of clouds floating across the night.


As I watched the clouds parade by…quiet and serene.

I thought about all the other parades…in my life I’ve seen.


Every morning at sunrise….a myriad of colors parading across the sky….

down by the water on our morning walk a host of birds and fish parading by.


On any given day…a parade of people we will greet…

an array of dogs and cats and rabbits…parading down the street.


A parade of birds and squirrels at our bird feeder…sometimes in this parade…a mouse…

Our friends grandchildren laughing and singing parading through our house.


As we neared home in the evening fog…touched by the ocean mist…

With the parade of parades parading in my mind…I wondered how many I might have missed….


I imagine, over time, many of the specifics of today’s parade will fade out of my brain…

But…and this is the beauty of our memory…some details will remain.


They will join a multitude of other memories…that through my life I’ve made…

To be remembered fondly whenever I have the pleasure of watching a parade. 




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