You and I

its between me and you

you and i


we have our moments 

we have our time

no one else needed...

just you and i


everyone talks

everyone doubts

but nobody knows

and that's how this works.





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I know there were others
That came before me
Just like you know
That there were others before you
This is how it is, can’t you see

But I wouldn’t have
It any other way
Because they made us
Who we are in this moment
So I wouldn’t want it any other way

So this love is ours
Just ours, so lets make it happen
Marriage and children are out
But even still, lets have everything
So we cannot be misshapen

So we will stand strong
And stand together
Because I know
Any storm, any storm
Together, we can weather

Let’s keep our love stable, strong
Because it’s where I belong
In your arms
Where I can be held tight
Where nothing can be wrong

Let us be together for,
Lets start with, 5,000,000 hours
And we’ll go from there
We will see what this world can do
For us, because this love is ours

Written on
August 7, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another for Tom Neville. He is my Babadee, and I love him so. Need I say more?

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