I try to befriend old people…call it a crazy vice

but I think they have a lot to offer so I seek out their advice.


I remember one I met years ago…I remember…like it was yesterday

I remember his expression and all the words he had to say…


I don’t give advice, he told me but there are a few things that I know

I know no one is perfect…I know it’s better to go slow.


I know a smile can change a person’s day, I know not to ridicule

I know religions can be wonderful…I know religions can be cruel.


I know love and family are important from childhood to adult

but chocolate in the right amounts can achieve similar results.


I know a smile and a kind word can help wipe away a tear.

I know that joy is sometimes waiting on the other side of fear.


I know we should listen more to nature…I know I love a good bookstore.

I know I love our soldiers…but I hate that there is war.


I know there is more love in this world when all is said and done.

I know innocent people should never die…from a bullet…from a gun.


I know dogs pass away too early and children grow up too fast

I know we should all do everything we can to make each moment last…


I know everyone is beautiful…I know it’s okay to cry.

I know compassion and acceptance are powerful things, 

I know we should all give them a try.


When he was finished the old man smiled then got up and walked away…


For someone who didn’t give advice…he had a lot to say