As I’ve watch people give and take advice here is something I’ve perceived…

Advice needs to be sincere when it is given and humble when it’s received.


I believe advice should cascade from ones lips like a snowfall to the young

Drifting gently from above so they can catch some flakes upon their tongue. 


I create these little poems each day… I let them soar as each day dawns

and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised how far these rhymes have gone.


I recently received a comment from South Africa…a request to be precise

from a little boy who wants to be a poet… and who asked for my advice.


I wanted my advice to be, for him, both useful and appealing

So I told him poetry is when you paint with words

to express what you are feeling.


I told him to keep a notebook by his side

and when something elicits in him a smile or a frown

To take it out…open it up and write that feeling down.


And then I told him just to write…to write religiously…

The words that pour from out his heart…will be is his poetry.


He wrote back to say ‘thank you’

and I wondered in one so young…

how many of my words drifted down

and landed on his tongue.



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I try to befriend old people…call it a crazy vice

but I think they have a lot to offer so I seek out their advice.


I remember one I met years ago…I remember…like it was yesterday

I remember his expression and all the words he had to say…


I don’t give advice, he told me but there are a few things that I know

I know no one is perfect…I know it’s better to go slow.


I know a smile can change a person’s day, I know not to ridicule

I know religions can be wonderful…I know religions can be cruel.


I know love and family are important from childhood to adult

but chocolate in the right amounts can achieve similar results.


I know a smile and a kind word can help wipe away a tear.

I know that joy is sometimes waiting on the other side of fear.


I know we should listen more to nature…I know I love a good bookstore.

I know I love our soldiers…but I hate that there is war.


I know there is more love in this world when all is said and done.

I know innocent people should never die…from a bullet…from a gun.


I know dogs pass away too early and children grow up too fast

I know we should all do everything we can to make each moment last…


I know everyone is beautiful…I know it’s okay to cry.

I know compassion and acceptance are powerful things, 

I know we should all give them a try.


When he was finished the old man smiled then got up and walked away…


For someone who didn’t give advice…he had a lot to say


I accompanied my granddaughter to the park…and as I watched her running to and fro

I wondered what advice I could give her…you know…advice to help her grow…


Perhaps I’d tell her:


Life is to be lived…don’t always do what’s right.

Don’t always color within the lines…by all means fly a kite.


Believe in yourself when others don’t…ride in a boat upon the sea…

Stop to count the stars at night…at least one time…climb a tree.


Do the best you can in all you do…If you make a mistake…don’t fret.

Watch the sunrise in the morning…and in the evening watch it set.


Swing on a swing, slide down a slide…run…for no reason at all.

Enjoy the warmth of summer, the birth of Spring…and the changing leaves in Fall.


Eat ice cream whenever you want… hug…and kiss…and share….

Never knowingly hurt another being….sometimes…it’s okay to swear.


Travel to new places…learn to ride a bike without any hands.

Never be in hurry to grow up…smile as often as you can.


Do what you know is right…don’t be afraid to take a chance…

Sing whenever you feel like it… feel free to cry and laugh and dance. 


Love life when everything is bright…and love life when all is black

for you’ll find if you love with all your heart…the world will love you back.


These thoughts will get you started…I’d say…but I’m sure once you are grown…

you’ll be a wonderful person…with opinions of your own.


And perhaps one day you’ll watch your granddaughter…running to and fro…

and you’ll have your own advice to give her…

you know…


advice to help her grow.

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