nature's little things

Little Things


Has anyone else ever noticed?

Or is it just me

How people barely seem to notice

All these amazing sights to see


The little things we take for granted

Things part of our daily life

The sun’s rays, bright and slanted

Cutting through the clouds like a knife


The endless sky patterned with clouds

Seemingly fluffy, but airy and white

Big white puffs that acts as shrouds

From the sun’s bright pure light


The look and smell of freshly cut grass

It’s vivid green and outdoor scent

Just makes me want to lie down and relax

Right on the green blanket, the sky my tent


The breezy feel of the wind

As it rushes past my face, through my hair

A stream that is never to end

That circles around, for everyone to share


The beautiful painting made by the sun

As it sinks below our line of sight

After it has completed its daily run

And leaves us surrounded by the night


The bright moon and stars that give us light

Which embellish the night skies

Throughout all the darkness of the night

And bring out animal cries


The sound of shoes crunching over leaves

As they walk under a big oak tree

With a hive full of buzzing bees

Flying around and feeling free


The pitter patter of raindrops on the ground

As they race down from above

From the clouds to which they were bound

Covering the earth in a soaking glove


So the next time you’re out and about

Take a moment to notice the little things

See the sights and hear the sounds

And be amazed by your new findings 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because so many people are immersed on their phone and what not, and they barely take time to look around them. 

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