My little world

Every time I close my eyes 
I escape into a world of paradise 
One that fits my needs 
A place where there is no one but me 
No more abusing never will I fear 
A world without gossiping 
A place where a person can heal 
People don’t understand why it means so much 
It’s a place where I let lose 
Where I feel nothing but pure bliss 
Situations seem so less complex 
A blink of an eye can solve any mess 
I can make my own decisions without anyone interfering 
I’m a whole other person when Im in my little world  
I wish I never come back to reality 
And face everything once again 
i guess I said it too soon 
its time for me to leave 
next time ill make sure I succeed 
I’ll cut deeper this time 
 And make sure everything ends 
 but for now I must go I’ll come back again 

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