My wife

You, My Wife, My Treasure

I had walked through life with nothing until you, until you I knew no pleasure
And then one day God sent you to me, to the eye so beautiful, you, my wife, my treasure

A gift from God, a gift so fine that you can never be measured 
A love so fine, so sweet, so kind, it's you my love, you, my wife, my treasure

I promise to hug and kiss and hold you each day.
I promise a love with devotion that will never ever fade away. 

I promise and swear to God above 
To show you nothing but my pure love

I will admire the blessing of your boundless love, 
Because I know that you are a true gift from Heaven Above.

I will not hurt you with my frustrations, 
I will hold you close and kiss you with loving admiration. 

I will always appreciate your commitment to me, 
Give me a chance for can't you see

This is not a game of chance that we play
It is true love that I swear is committed to stay

You say that at times you are afraid
This one I can find no rhyme so let me be clear,
I will,
Love you endlessly
Devote my life to making you happy
Admire you each day for the person you are
Take entrust in the things that you like to do
Admire your beauty daily in awe and reflect it back to you
Be attentive to you and you needs
Be forgiving
Listen to you with never a harsh word in return (I swear it and pray for it in Gods name)
Show you by my actions that I love you
Be more open and fun to you, your family & friends
Never go to bed with out you
Rub you, kiss you, bathe you, lift you up or what ever it takes when you are feeling down. 

I will Kiss you and love you all that I possibly can, 
And don't be embarrassed to be seen holding my hand. 

I will treasure each day as if it were our last, 
And at the end of your life you won't regret me being your past. 

You are the sunshine in my morning and like a the bird I will sing you a song
I know that in this life when I am troubled through God it's you who keeps me strong.

You are the mother of my children and the air that gives me life.
My truest friend of all, my heart, my soul, my wife.

I love you very much, you are all that is good in this world


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My Amazing Wife

I took a look at the past and realized that life is moving so fast,

It seems like just yesterday we were just kids,

living our lifes with nothing else to give, 

now we're married and I'am growing older,

it cant get any better then this,


My son is two, and i've been married for three,

one thousand, one hundred and eighty four days,

I remember the first time I set eyes on you,

that time i had to leave and how badly i didnt want to go,

i remember the couch, the rain and the snow,

i remember long nights with you on the phone,


Now i have to be the luckiest guy,

i get to wake up with you by myside,

i am married to my all time best friend,

and we'll be together until the very end.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't written in years, So i decided to brush off the brain and try again... I forgot how much i liked this... Time to write more! 

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