As humans we have a tendency to think we’re more important than we are...

More important than the trees, the animals, the rivers or the stars.


More important than the insects…the rocks, the clouds, the air.

We like to think we are superior…to all creations…everywhere. 


But stand in a field awash in a midday sun…and try not to be stunned…

As daylight turns to darkness when the moon blocks out the sun.


Or walk amidst the forest in the misty morning dawn

And think how many of these trees will be here long after we’re gone.


Or stand on a mountain top at sunset...or where the ocean meets the sand

And you quickly come to realize...we are but a speck upon the land.


When we think we are more important than the wind, the water…the land

Perhaps we should pause a moment and try to understand…


How the Earth knows, when it comes to importance, we humans are quite small…

and without all these things we think we’re superior to…

we wouldn’t be standing here at all!



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