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PBS And Dept. of Education in Children's Show Odd Squad Push Toxic Meat and Dairy


PBS And Dept. of Education in Children's Show Odd Squad Push Toxic Meat and Dairy 



The Public Broadcasting System's PBS Kids produces a children's show called Odd Squad, partly funded by the US Department of Education.  One of the first splashes on the screen was a picture of a plate one of the actors had for dinner last night, prominently including animal flesh.  With subliminal advertising, Odd Squad makes Saturday bologna day, pushing trash meat which contains red food coloring to hide its gray, correlated to children's leukemia and like meat consumption in general correlated to obesity, while Thursday is supposed to be cheese day (cheeses containing female hormones given to captive cows, hormones which create chidlren's early sexual development).

In addition, the show encourages children to abuse others verbally and to boss others around through the person of a Miss O.


In this poster's memory, the only pinata she's ever seen made to resemble an animal was on the cartoon show Curious George.  George is encouraged to smash a pinata looking like a bull.  There have been several victories against bullfighting in Spain, but still in many Latino countries bulls are impaled by crowds shrieking for ears and tails.  Teaching children to smash items resembling animals is a form of violence.


Chuck E Cheese is just one animal product sponsor of PBS Kids.

Years ago, Ralph Nader was one of those publicizing PBS' promotion of toxic animal and other junk foods on Sesame Street.

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