An opinion can make you seem bitter, yet its only your opinion-
maybe a preference, a general statement if you will-

"Bitter is the person who hasn't loved or been loved."


A statement can cause a stir, because its harsh or rude seem
to be the intentions


"Bitter is the man who gave and gave, and is now living alone,
hating woman; some become psychos killing woman."


An argument could involve words that cut like a knife, rusty deep
to the bone-


"Bitter is the woman who's been cheated on and on and on; they
hate men now, some take vengeance, deadly women."


The freedom of speech does offend some, entertain others, many
feel judged, then there is those who feel stones are being cast at
them- I call them bitter!


"Bitter is the husband who lost his wife after 50 years of marriage,
who feels death is sweeter now than the pain inside..."


They say the truth hurts, and I agree, I write it, post it, and share
it- he/she who chooses to take the truth as their own, is only
showing the worth they own-


"Bitter is the wife that got left behind for a younger woman, feeling
unattractive, they seclude themselves from the possibility of loving


"Bitter is the man or woman who lost a child, parent, friend, even
lover who made their world go round, who they lived for and now
their gone, and he or she cannot move along."


I will continue, saying how I feel, sharing how I feel, at any given
time and day- No one has to agree, and if you do, that's okay, if
you don't that's okay too...but never say I'm bitter, because the
day I become bitter over my life's struggles, I won't share them,
you won't hear from me, I would stop my passion for poetry in
heart beat..the poems you love to read will no longer be,
SoulCriticpoet will be no more. My heart does not register

bitterness only critiques from my soul-

"Bitter is rejection, not loved, not cared for, manipulated, lied, and
cheated, never given the time needed to themselves, slaves to
others, not growing or becoming who you want to be."

"Bitter is the taste of a naive mind- Bitter are those who feel
persecuted by others point of views, whether bias or not, its a
point of view with the right to be said."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some people don't know what bitter is!!!

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A lie
Is something
You deny

It's something
That can't

A lie
Is not a favor
That will return

Something said
By taciturn!

Due to you

A person

Are awash, our

Very eyes

And every lie
Instilled in
Our demise!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 07.31.2019 (after noticing a sentence construction that did not make sense, grammatically; either because of its usage in English or a lack of a better way to render the verse due to my limited vocabulary or the initial emendation of the misused word "awash".  Please follow through with the exampled diagram below):


Are awashed with
Very eyes


Are awash,

Our very eyes

(emended version)

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