measuring your life. one sided

What's your Sign?

Just a thought!

My sign is "Out of balance", I tilt towards  insane..

I tend to measure "self assured", as insecure and vain.

The one's that say, they have no hope, measure off the scale..

Generally, I get off the track and let them self derail.

My sign is "Out of Balance", I only lean one way..

Once I read "You're beyond all hope", that's usually how I stay.

If you weigh me down with senseless views and claim to know it all..

I'll bend till the cup runneth over and watch you take a fall.

My sign is "Out of Balance", I only have one side..

You filled the trap with too much crap till your leverage went and died.

I'll level up and measure all the written word out there...

My new sign is, "Out of Service", .....Take a hike, cause..... I  Don't  Care!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little more tongue and cheeky humor....if you don't get it....too bad, so sad'Tongue Out

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