marine creatures



It was a warm afternoon

and I was down at Penn’s Landing

walking about aimlessly.


I bought a pretzel

and sat by the river

looking over at Camden:

the  Aquarium & Wiggins Park.


I walked up the rail

and saw eels in the water.

I decided the pretzel was

a bit on the stale side


so I broke off pieces

and threw them into the water.

I watcthed the eels scurry

to get the free meal.


I was so amused

that I bought another pretzel

just to feed the eels

and watch them fight each other

over pieces of stale pretzel.

So this is how I pass my time

on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

It doesn’t say much.


I just wonder if it puts me

one step above or one step below

the old farts in the park

that sit around feeding pigeons.




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Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

Animal Rights

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter 

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Sometimes karma returns

to us on exactly the same

path we sent it out.


Steve Irwin was a crocodile

hunter who darted countless

marine animals.  Statistics

are that half of darted animals

die from the anesthetic or

the painful blow.


Steve, beloved by millions,

died after being pierced

by a massive sting ray.

-s shriver-


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