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So, are you coming?

I don’t want to choose

Being put into the space where

I can either be successful or stay at home

I can either live my dreams or stay stagnant

You keep saying

“If you want to be that Manager, super star

you won’t have enough time for kids”

that kids might not be in my future


I choose to be




if I choose to want to have it all

but what is having it all?

Why must I choose between having a precious gem that I bring to the world and being a successful working woman?


Why must I choose between having a mini me walking around

Living out my values

and being a cheerleader


making more money.


what is to say that


You, man in my life

Cannot stay home

I will make more money than you

I will be moving through the working world

Like fire through a forest

I will get to the top

In a flash because

I am smart




And you


Man in my life

Are not going to stop me

I will have it all

But I need you

To be with me

On the same page

On the same path

Supporting my dream




Without you

None of this will be possible

I cannot do it alone

No matter how hard I work

No matter how driven I am

No matter how much I want it

I need


To be with me


Are you coming?

001 (6/28/03) Will He Find Me Fascinating?

Will He Find Me Fascinating?

by Elizabeth Van Cleve (June 28, 2003)

He lives on the inside

You live on the out

He has his walls

You're without


He tells you what to do

You ask questions, three

He answers two

but does he answer you?


Why are the walls there?

They've always been there

Why have they not been mine?

I didn't know you wanted them


I don't know I do

but why am I alone?

I'm here

Yes, but I want a playmate of my own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written June 28, 2003

Most people have walls.  As a person trusts someone, he or she slowly takes these walls down.  When sharing oneself gets to be too much, he or she puts the walls up again.  I was taught by my mother to live my life without walls.  As an adult with children of my own, I work toward learning how to set boundaries for myself.  The walls I've made are like vertical blinds.  The cord is in my hand; I just have to figure out how to pull it.

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