Baby blue eyed boy

Baby blue eyed boy, my have you grown, my have you shown me what miracles a brother can mold 

Baby blue eyed boy, you drove today, you drove my heart away, you shown me what faithful yearning a brother can yield 

Baby blue eyed boy, let me hold you dear, let me steer the wheel, let me see what fear a brother can feel 

Baby blue eyed boy, it’s been a year, and your momma’s death so clear, you shown me how loss lingers longer than the world’s lasting appeal 

Baby blue eyed boy, please heed my advice, stop talking and accept admonition in light of your fragile plight 

Baby blue eyed boy, you’re scared and frightened, you’re impetuous and, in all honesty, mildly enlightened too 

Baby blue eyed boy, keep up the good fight, give them that smirk and wager death with your life, because I see a future ahead with bright lights 

Baby blue eyed boy, I’m proud of you, and if there’s any last thing that I wanna say to you, is that I know that your momma still believes in you, through the good, the bad, and the ugly too, she beholds the light that emits from you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I wrote quick, just shook with a bit of inspiration

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So, are you coming?

I don’t want to choose

Being put into the space where

I can either be successful or stay at home

I can either live my dreams or stay stagnant

You keep saying

“If you want to be that Manager, super star

you won’t have enough time for kids”

that kids might not be in my future


I choose to be




if I choose to want to have it all

but what is having it all?

Why must I choose between having a precious gem that I bring to the world and being a successful working woman?


Why must I choose between having a mini me walking around

Living out my values

and being a cheerleader


making more money.


what is to say that


You, man in my life

Cannot stay home

I will make more money than you

I will be moving through the working world

Like fire through a forest

I will get to the top

In a flash because

I am smart




And you


Man in my life

Are not going to stop me

I will have it all

But I need you

To be with me

On the same page

On the same path

Supporting my dream




Without you

None of this will be possible

I cannot do it alone

No matter how hard I work

No matter how driven I am

No matter how much I want it

I need


To be with me


Are you coming?