Two older men sitting in the front of a grocery store 

watching people in the lottery ticket line…

“If you ask me,” one man said to the other,

 “buying a lottery ticket is asinine.”


“I never play the Lottery.” he said, 

as the man next to him agreed.

“What would I do with all that money…

when I have everything I need?”


“I have a wife and a family who love me and all whom I adore…

If I had a million dollars could I love them anymore?”


“I’m perfectly happy with my life.”

(He said this with so much vigor!)

The house we live in fits us just fine. 

We don’t need it any bigger.


I’ve heard how a million dollars could change my life.

In truth I sincerely doubt it

I have love, my health and happiness…

After all…I’ve come this far without it…”


What do I need all that money for? 

If I win it…what would I do?

I don’t need a million dollars 

to make my dreams come true.


At this point I had to agree with him 

buying a lottery ticket seemed asinine.

So I put the dollar back in my wallet 

and exited the line.


I got in my car, drove back home, 

kissed my wife, called my children and then…

decided I’m already happy enough…

and I’ll never play the lottery again.


If I see them again I’ll thank those two old men

for reminding me of something I already know…

When I look around at the life I’m living…


I hit the jackpot long ago.

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