lost time

tears too late


i fret and fear the end is near,
there ahead I see the days of my death
Surrounded by the fires of burning truth
I have not lived up to my potential
I have squandered my gifts,
I have left myself short of credentials
I have forgotten to breathe deeply
enjoying the things that mattered most
for things I thought mattered more.
the Gold in my possession squandered
for the gold that burnt holes in my pockets
I never thought for the life of me
no matter where I wondered,
that I could be that one on the edge of rockets.
to fizzle out and see such dissapointment,
such a lack in everything pondered!
I am a failure and a lost creature
who knows nothing here.
one lone tear almost dares to fall.
It catches and hangs there;
as I fret and fear my end is near
and these days of my death
will be for naught if I dont see forth
by the light of the fires burning truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

are you living up to your potential?

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