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Driving Through Arizona

Mind's Eye

Dear diary, enough about me,

The cesspool of insecurity.

I tried so hard to not slip and fall,

But in the end, my backs against the wall.

The flashbacks to when we cared,

Before the screaming, and loveless glares.


Dear diary, enough about you,

I've said everything I needed to.

The unnerving tension, and awkward silence, 

The color faded, but still has vibrance.

Unquestioned anger, and palpable shame,

No matter what happens, nothing will be the same.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, everyone. 

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dark charmer

I never got the chance to say hello

you marched right in

walking over my pride

pushing aside my morals

and you sat on my senses

You took from me free will

as if it was illegally acquired

and played me by my strings

from like a sweet swong guitar-ed

to this puppet i had become

everything that used to be me

melted in awe of your existence

i saw the world through your eyes

and your scent was enough air

sweetness was the taste of your lips


with no goodbyes

you walked away

you trashed this treasure

and left no reverse clues

curse you, dark charming!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Charmer, i used to call you that. Now you are dark charmer.The One who broke my heart

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Kat's Lament

Lost love

In darkness I cry

For love now lost

My tears I must hide

This pain the cost


Your betrayal I countered

With an act of spite

I married another

To even the fight


But my heart is yours

And my soul aches for us

Though all I have left

Are memories and dust


I miss your embrace

The smile you gave only me

The taste of your kiss

Your hand on my knee


But you've moved on

And I'm trapped in my game

The charade I must play

Only myself to blame


So until the day

That our souls reunite

Know that I love you

You are my light


Ich liebe dich, mien herz

Immer und fur immer,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Newest poem... Self explanatory... I married someone else to spite my ex for leaving me but I'm still in love with my ex... 

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